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RAFT - new 3D cell culture system
Realistic 3D cell cultures from collagen
RAFT uses collagen to create a more realistic, natural environment for cells to grow and to study complex cell behaviour.. more >
Reproducible 3D cell cultures
With simple protocols and standard labware, RAFT produces robust, reproducible 3D cultures every time in a 96-well plate format.. more >
Versatile process for 3D cell culture
RAFT can be used with a broad range of analytical techniques such as imaging, biochemical, histological and ‘omics techniques.. more .>
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Latest RAFT news
RAFT 3D cell culture in inserts introduced at SLAS 2013 Conference - a new kit for the creation of robust co-cultures, barrier models and air-lifted cultures. The cultures can be used for transport, chemotaxis and invasion assays across a wide range of therapeutic areas...
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TAP Biosystems announces a new collaboration with researchers at University College London (UCL) in the UK to develop solid tumour tissue models using its RAFT 3D cell culture system for use in drug discovery applications.
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RAFT webinar
TAP Biosystems and Tecan have worked together to automate RAFT 3D cell culturing using the FreedomEVO® liquid handling platform.
This provides a rapid, reliable process for creation of consistent and reproducible 3D cell cultures for compound screening.
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